scientific board

Dr Natalia Ismailova (Moscow – Russia)

MD, PhD, dermatologist, expert in medical esthetics

“I am pleased to report the results of my use of Fusion Meso products in my Clinic in Moscow and my scientific contribution. The Fusion Meso products are non-invasive treatments. They are very exclusive compare to competitive brands as their quality is one of the best on the market, either by their active ingredients but also regarding their formulation. I could achieve fast and visible improvements of skin texture, hair vitality or cellulite.”

Dr Richard Culligan (Miami – USA)

Expert in aesthetic medicine and dermatology

“Fusion Meso has made the expansion of non-invasive procedures a reality for myself and hundreds of physicians and medical offices. I have personally seen the results with my clients as well as the hundreds of Medical offices and Medical spas we service. I have attended more than 20 National Anti-aging Medical shows including A4M, AAD and The Aesthetic Show and have personal witnessed the sub-par formulas (chemistry), presentation and packaging in other competitive products. I feel confident with the safety and efficacy of the Fusion line. The formulas are sterilized by micro-filtration which protects the active ingredients (growth factors and peptides).”

Dr Philippe Sillard (Geneva -Switzerland)

MD, expert in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing

“I have worked with different brands in the past, but since I tried Fusion Meso in 2014 I never changed. I appreciate the quality of the products and their formulation. Efficient and without any side effects I highly recommend this brand for transdermal delivery. The Fusion Meso team is also very reactive, they offer constant support and education.”